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  • Green Valley Recording is a professional audio studio offering digital format recording services, editing, and mastering. 

  • Clients are songwriters, advertising agencies, bands, independent producers, dance schools and solo artists.

  • Production/arranging, graphic design and voice-over talent are also available.

    Our digital recorder has 120 tracks with random access and totally automated dynamic mixdown (all mix functions recallable, with changes recorded through the time line). We archive to CD-R or DVD-R, or customer provided external USB hard drive or thumb drive, depending on the project size and desires of the client. We also often record directly to those user provided USB devices.

But just as important as great equipment, is the experience and vision of management. This studio was built by and for musicians. The owners are players and songwriters as well, dedicated to providing you with the technology and the comfort you need to capture your creativity...

And, we understand SMPTE sync, ISRC codes, DDP creation, and MIDI protocols-- so you don't have to!

(See Gear Photos for complete   
               equipment list.)

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