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There are several things you should consider before recording which will help make your experience a pleasant one:

 1. Is this project intended for distributed
    release? (Even if on a small scale).
2. Do you have a producer? (And do you 
    need one?)
3. What is the true purpose of this session? 
    ...is it a demo intended  to generate work?
    a demo for major labels? ...a songwriter's 
    demo for publishers?  ...an album project 
    intended for release? ...recording just for 
    fun... ?
4. What is your budget...and  have you
    considered the need for graphic design
    (which can be done in house here at
    Green Valley Recording), and the cost of
    replication if you're planning a commercial
5. What do you need to bring to the studio?
    Quick answer:
       anything that's personal equipment, like a
       guitar, amplifier, keyboard or effects rack.
    You don't need: 
       microphones or lights. There is a studio
       drum kit available, tuned and ready to
       record. But you may use your own kit-- but
       using it will add to your setup time expense...
       just tell us that's your preference when 
       you book your session..  
6. Your equipment should be in perfect
    working condition. Guitars should be set up
 (bass guitars as well) with new
    strings "stretched" in-- all batteries fresh,
    and cords in good working condition. This is
    not the time or place for equipment failure.   

  It will benefit you to consider all these questions before you contact  Green Valley Recording. We then can discuss your project plans and determine the best and most cost-effective way for you to accomplish your goals.                

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