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This one's simple! But it's a combination of these reasons:
1. Quality, 2. Atmosphere, 3. Experience, and 4. Price!


We pay attention to detail, from the capture of the audio with  top quality microphones (Neumann, AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser, Crown,   ElectroVoice, Shure)... to recording on over 8 terabytes  of  hard drive space  storing digital audio captured with 24 bit converters). We're making sure that what you play is exactly what you hear played back!

You will not find video cassette based recording devices here--- only professional-grade recording software (SawStudio, Studio One, Harrison Mixbus 32C or Reaper -- your choice), and top-of-the-line recording computers, capable of recording up to 120 tracks with TOTAL mix automation. Literally every   function can be stored and recalled for editing!  

Your final product can be output to one or several of many different formats... Audio CD, DVD data, USB drive, cassette, analog quarter inch, DAT, data CD... nearly every audio format desire can be met at Green Valley Recording!

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As an artist, you know that your surroundings (and comfort) clearly influence your performance. Clients find the studio ambience relaxing and conducive to creativity. The 1868 barn that houses the studio is unassuming and endearing. The inside is finished with locally grown hemlock to maintain the rustic feel of the outside--  a perfect marriage of comfort and technology.    

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Green Valley Recording first opened its doors in 1980 as a professional format recording studio. Since then, hundreds of albums, commercials, demos and voice overs have been recorded here. Richard Rupert is chief engineer. His more than 30 years of recording experience, and 40 years as a professional musician are evident in the projects recorded here. Our large client base continues to grow with repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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A remarkable aspect of Green Valley Recording is the low rate card. Other comparable facilities charge well over our hourly rate of $30! Come find out for yourself why you should bring your project here!    #top


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