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Below are some comments made by clients about Green Valley Recording. These were
not requested in any way.
Those that are fuscia on the left have linked websites.
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(Yes, sometimes they do come from 
far away!)

Mercy Run

Thank you again for the amazing patience and skill set you demonstrated yesterday in our mixing session. 

James Good
New Cumberland, PA
Techies Without Borders

Hi Richard, 
You are a music magician -- or is there a musical equivalent to a fairy godmother? Thank you for taking time from your busy day to work on this. 

Have a good rest of the week.

Debra Stoner, Northumberland
Viktoria Domarew

(From text):
We had a wonderful time today.

Thank you  for being so patient with us! Hope to see you again soon as we complete our homework lol!

Chris Domarew, Wellsboro
Father of Viktoria
Rick Buck

(From FaceBook post):
I have recorded in MANY studios all over PA and down Nashville way.. BUT this is my go to studio man since the mid 80s.
Richard Rupert is a great musician,technician, producer and friend with a great ear who will tell you the truth about what is sounding good and bad (lol). Every band I have performed in from Bucky and The Good Tymes, Country Legend,Tommy Cash and The Cash Crew, The Front Porch Country Band,The 4 Plus U 2 Band and The Nashville Music Company have recorded with Richard in this great little studio....and I don't see that changing anytime soon.

Rick Buck, Watsontown and Pittsburg
Guitarist, drummer, songwriter and producer
Teen Town

It was great working with you. I thought it was a very smooth, trouble-free session with everybody operating at a very professional level (even at age 16). I think we've are going to have an impressive album. 
I very much enjoyed our conversations, talking about music, technology and our mutual acquaintances. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

George Graham, WVIA
(Project producer)

Carobondale, PA
Teen Town

Thanks for having the guys! Youíre studio is in a beautiful setting and has very cool vibe. We all really enjoyed working with you! Thanks for being so flexible with timing and rolling with whatever was happening, like the looooong Sat. session. My stomach mustve been the only one rumbling, but Iím glad they could keep the flow moving.

Vivian Severn
(Band manager)
Williamsport, PA
The Judex I appreciate your patience and understanding. I love coming to your studio. Again, everything sounds great overall and I am very grateful for your genius ear. William Byron
Dover, DE
 The Judex

We were up against some pretty heavy competition, but wanted to let you know The Judex ďLong Live The JudexĒ won EP of The Year on The Rock N Roll Manifesto!  Couldnít have done it with out ya  Brother Richard! 


"Flyin'" Ryan Norcross
Harrisburg, PA

Aubyn Johnson

Just wanted to take a second to thank you for all the time and effort youíve given me to help me realize a dream! For the last 5 months you have given so much to making this project come to fruition and itís getting so close and I am forever thankful for you! My sister has finally finished the album cover which I think is stunning, Iíve attached it so that you can see it!

 Thank you for everything,


Aubyn Johnson
Milton, PA


I thank you so much for hosting us in your studio... All of us had a very positive experience... For a rough mix, it sounds great! We are listening and hope to tweak a small amount of our parts and looking forward to embellish the backing vocals.
We are hoping to be finished with everything and have a cool first two song project by the middle of December.
Thanks again... You are great at what you do. The ambiance and feel of the place is perfect. It's a great for inspiration and creativity. You kept it fun too, which is necessary...                                   Phil

Phil Smith
Williamsport / Berwick PA
Light Of Hope Evangelistic Ministry Thank you so much for your time and patience. It was truly a blessing to work with you Richard. Amos Stoltzfus
Middleburg, PA
Tony Harlan

I really appreciate your expertise, production sensibilities, and patience. After all, what I pay you for is your time, which is equally valuable for everyone, really. But the musical and engineering experience, lifelong education and dedication to your craft, and the positive vibe that you possess are invaluable, priceless even, because if you didn't have them I couldn't pay you to get them. I'm sure you know exactly what I am talking about. I value our friendship a lot as well, I look forward to more work with you in the future.


Tony Harlan,
Montoursville, PA
El Flyin' & the Heathen Troubadours Richard
Thanks again for bringing out the best in us my friend!  You really are the man!  We're all honored to work with ya and happy as hell to know ya!

Ryan Norcross.
Harrisburg, PA
Lester Hirsh Richard thanks for your kindness and understanding and professionalism and consistency. It's greatly appreciated and always nice working with you. Lester Hirsh,
Watsontown, PA
Danelle Cressinger Band

I wanted to let you know that we are getting awesome feedback from the album! A job well done! Thanks again!

Danelle Cressinger,
New Columbia, PA
John Butler

Thanks for a very positive experience yesterday. I reviewed the tracks and they sounded very good (if I do say so myself)!
Thanks againÖ
I would like to make preparations and then come back and do some more with you.

John Butler
S. Williamsport, PA
Jimmy Roberts


     I'm not sure if you remember me or not. My name is James Roberts, or just Jimmy from Texas. I recorded a few songs at your studio last year. If you do remember me then you might remember that i worked in the gas industry, of which I'm sure you know has come to a screeching halt. Not long after I met you and had the honor of spending time in your studio, my job came to an end and I was forced to move away. I now live in Arkansas and I drive an 18 wheeler hauling logs. I'm not sure how exactly to word the things I sometimes want to say so I suppose this is just a hello and I hope you're doing well. I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with you in your studio. I was so relaxed and so at ease there and you sure know how to turn water into wine with your musical additions and mixing abilities. Anyways, I'm sure disappointed that i had to move away. I had so many projects that i wanted your help with and wanted to record them in your studio. But I suppose life has decided otherwise for me. I will always remember you and the time I was able to spend working with you there to record my songs. So much so that I'll have to force myself to even approach another studio because I just can't figure how they could ever measure up to the experience and help I received there. It's something I'll never forget and I think about it quite often. Maybe someday life will lead me back there and if so, you can bet I'll be looking you up. I want to thank you, for what may have been another day at the office for you, is a lifetime of memories for me...
Thanks again,
Jimmy Roberts 

Jimmy Roberts
Arkansas (currently)
Tommy Cash This sounds better than anything I've cut in Nashville for many years.                 Tommy Cash,
Nashville, TN
Canaan's Land

Hey Richard,
Just got done listening to the cd again. I think it sounds great! Nothing stood out to me at all. It's a really good mix!
The graphics are awesome and all looks good! Thanks again so much for all your hard work!! It is a great project and you did an GREAT job!!! 

Dave Dulaney,
Hanover, PA
David Pulizzi
    Thanks for running a good and productive session last night.
    Iím listening now to the rough mixes you burned after last nightís session. Theyíre sounding real nice. On a related note, I wanted to tell you that I appreciate your perspective and input on all the songs. That is, I like the Beatle-esque polish and sensibility you bring to the proceedings.                     <SNIP>
    This is going to be a good batch of recordings. Really good, in my estimation. Much of that is to your credit. This isnít the last time Iíll say this to you, but thanks.
    Have a great day. ... David
David Pulizzi,
Williamsport, PA
Lenny Weber Everything is perfect!!!! Thank you so much for your patience. We are thrilled!!!! You have really seen this project through from mic check one-two to the final graphic. Green Valley Recording is the one stop music shop!!!!
Lenny Weber,
South Williamsport, PA
Remington Ryde Richard,
Thank you very much for everything... once again without your help this album would not be what it is. We really appreciate you very much!
Ryan Frankhouser,
Hershey, PA


The Cash Crew (Tommy) Cash had a blast and enjoyed the studio with you. Rick Buck,
Watsontown, PA
MizIdaAndThe AllNightas Richard,
The whole band loves the vibe of your studio and appreciate the friendship that you have extended to us. I am so happy that you are there! Although the "equipment" is important, it's the artist behind the controls that drives the process and the results... Always friendly and comfortable.
Thanks again,
"Nuclear" Dave Krempasky,
Sean Farley Hey all! Please follow this link to support and learn about a great gem in the woods for musicians of all levels and styles. This is actually my 10th studio project and they have all been done at Green Valley Recording by owner/engineer/producer/friend Richard Rupert. I have grown up in this studio, so to speak, and know there are many more out there... BUT I have become really comfortable here, and I couldn't be happier with the quality before and ESPECIALLY now! If you're thinking of recording and your looking for a comfortable, quality, and fairly priced studio contact Richard. This video, by Tyler Spooner depicts the studio's offerings and what I'm currently creating there pretty well... Sean Farley,
Williamsport, PA
Lane on Bass of Ryan Pelton Band "The Difference" Green Valley is an excellent blend of Old-School Cool and high tech. Owner/operator Richard Rupert just ROCKS!! <snip>
We also want to get back to the studio to finish recording the songs for the upcoming CD. As I said before, Richard Rupert is a great engineer, and his studio is as comfortable to work in as my own living room.
See full blog at:

Lane Baldwin,
Nashville, TN
Charlie Bush Richard, I have been meaning to drop you a thank you note for some time. You have done, and are doing, a fantastic job engineering this new music that I've been recording at Green Valley. Your skill and your ideas have made such a difference in the finished work, and the fact that you've really cared about my project and gone "above and beyond" is obvious to me. I've had many people say that the songs are very much on a par with major label acts. You are just doing a GREAT job my friend! And the proof is that they're playing "9-11 RIDE" on the radio!!! Unbelievable!!! Thank you so much, Charlie Bush Charlie Bush,
Muncy, Pa
Ed Newman

I canít thank you enough for all of your work and expertise on my project.  Youíre the best at taking the fear out of the recording process and tuning it into an enjoyable and totally fun experience.  Itís incredible how easily you can take a flawed musician with some tunes and dreams and turn them into a polished end product. Your editing capabilities are second to none.  I can truly say Iíve had the time of my life during the process.  Your suggestions and recommendations at every turn, both technically and with bringing in other musicians helped to keep the project on track.  And the in-house background vocals canít be beat.  Thanks again to you and your lovely wife Alison for a job that exceeded my expectations!  I look forward to more projects in the future.

 PS Where can a guy go to pick up a cat?

Ed Newman,
Jersey Shore, PA
Rebecca Holden
Hi Richard,
I called and talked to Alison last night after you were already in your session.  I just have to tell you just how much I LOVE the latest mix of "I Love You This Much".  It is truly amazing and sounds like it was done in one of the top studios here in Nashville.  What a difference!!  Thank you for your time, effort, expertise, amazing ear and engineering abilities!!  I can't imagine EVER going anywhere else to record!!  It was WELL worth the trip and we got two great bonus tracks done too!!!
Thanks again, I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out!!
You're amazing!!!
Kelly Fohner, manager
Nashville, TN
Ryan Pelton Hello Richard...
You, my friend, are an invaluable asset to any musician's career.  You may never hear that - maybe you hear it all the time... regardless, it's true.
I'm on the road in Idaho, Montana, Utah... and I had a few days off... I needed to get some new material laid down so I found the best studio I could in a FIVE STATE AREA... It wasn't even close to you.
On to business...
Ryan Pelton,
Nashville, TN

Lynn and Farley Five Hey Richard,
Thanks for the compliments on the music. It means a lot from such an experienced engineer and awesome musician.
...we thought we got way too much for our money :-)
Thanks again for the great and fun session,
Sean Farley,
Williamsport, PA
Patricia Leonard, "The Everyday Diva" getting my business info together for taxes and thought of you.  Hope 2010
is treating you great.  Thanks for all you did for me last year.
Patricia Leonard,
Nashville, TN
Top Shelf Richard,
 Just want to say again how happy we are with our CD.  Thanks so much for your help with this project and we hope to do a second project next February or March, so we'll definitely be in touch.
 Thanks again for a fantastic job.,
John Collins,
Bloomsburg, PA
Pottersville Richard,
Thanks for the great job... our name is now "Pottersville"! We'll see you again if we write anything again.
Greg Stiner
Danville, PA
Karen Nogle

I talked up Green Valley Recording on WQSU this past Saturday!  I even said you had a great sense of humor.  I quickly followed it up with "highly professional" because I didn't want people thinking you were just goofy....

 See you soon!

Karen Nogle
Northumberland, PA
Omega Kids

We made it on time because of you. The kids in Africa got a piece of land donated to them for their new home we will build because of this album. Thank you again!

Mindy Blackburn,
Mission Viejo, CA
Isabella Cole
Came out great!!
Thanks for everything


Keith Cole,
Williamsport, PA
EG Kight
Hi Richard,
I guess Bonnie probably told you that we listened and listened and listened to Takin' It Easy this weekend. All we could do was smile. I think it sounds great. I tried to call you a couple of times to tell you, but got your voice mail message.
I think you did an incredible job, and I wouldn't hesitate to go back to your studio for the next one.
Thanks for everything you put into this project. I couldn't have ask for any better.
Keep a song in your heart,
I was telling the truth about you showing me that recording could be fun.  Before Green Valley,  I had started dreading going into the studio to record.  I have never felt completely at ease and free to try things like I did at your place.  I think you captured the real "me" more than any of my other recordings.  By your pleasant demeanor, and talent, you changed my feelings toward recording.
I wish you continued success, and I know you'll do well.  Can't wait till next time.
Keep a song in your heart,
EG Kight,
Dublin, GA
Chromatica Hi Richard,
I wanted to tell you that the last session went great. The recording came out awesome! I've been meaning to tell you but kept forgetting, so sorry it took so long.
Ric DelNero,
Bloomsburg, PA
The Robin McNett Band
Richard, you had a very big part in getting the Robin McNett Band off the ground!  You made it so easy for us to go in and cut our demo and get the ball rollin'.  We are getting jobs, due in no small part to your expertise, patience, and professionalism in the studio.   Thanks for EVERYTHING!  Including the free seafood buffet!!!..or didn't everybody get that?
Todd Steward,
Montgomery, PA
The Couriers It's always a pleasure to work with you. Thanks so much for your contribution to this project. Tim Beitzel,
Easton, PA
Bonnie Tallman ....I can tell you that absolutely every one I have shared this with loves it and say that is the best they have ever heard recorded by her...honest. (EG Kight "Naked" Hi Richard - EG and I have just returned from our 15 day tour in CA and NV...had a ball!   CD is doing quite well...we have learned it has charted at # 9 on the Living Blues radio charts.  project) Bonnie Tallman,
Producer EG Kight and 
Ann Rabson,
Hughesville, PA
Ann Rabson All the instruments sound clear, distinct and musical on this CD and my voice sounds more natural and less artificial on your recording than any I've done before. I don't know why this is so. Maybe for technical reasons or because I found the atmosphere at Green Valley to be so relaxing that I could sing from the heart. For what ever reason I'm delighted. Ann Rabson,
Fredericksburg, VA
Country Legend The project is great and as always, a pleasure to work with you. Rick Buck,
Watsontown, PA
Autumn Ayers God bless you; you are a god! I'm getting a lot of good feedback from people I really respect...the cd sounds incredible. Thank you so much. I've been intending to write and sing your praises but you know all about good intentions, I trust. I'm sorry I've let you wallow in uncertainty about my reaction to all the effort and time you've put in. It is more than noticeable and more than appreciated. Autumn Ayers,
Pittsburg, PA
Cramer Brothers Band The tracks aren't even mixed yet, and they sound great! Alison's backing vocals sound incredible... Randy Cramer,
Saylorsburg Pa
Cramer Brothers Band
The CD sounds really good, and as always, you have done an outstanding job.
Roy Peterman,
Nordmont, PA
Cramer Brothers Band Just wanted to say that I enjoyed working with you on Monday !!!!!!!!
You made my job very easy. You had good input and put me at ease with what was a rather awkward situation. Hope that I did OK and that the mixing goes well. I'm anxious to hear the final product!
See ya soon!
Allen Roth,
Carlisle, PA
The Corral Hi Richard,
Just a note of thanks for your professionalism. It's pretty great how you always keep your composure and good attitude, even when you have 3 goobers in your face offering... "direction"?.

You really do know your way around your rig there in the mixing room. Still amazes me. I appreciate the way you stop as soon as we need to make a change. I know some engineers won't do that, I've actually experienced that. I guess it's a good way to burn up more studio time. You get into the project and seem to know what we're thinking before we say it. A very positive experience is that Green Valley Studio.
Later, Bill

Bill Engel,
Williamsport, PA
Flood As far as the mixes go, I can definitely tell you we got what we paid for...   as always thanks for all you did.  It is always a pleasure working with you.  Hope to do it again in the future. Eric Fessler
Montoursville, PA
Gift, Troutman and Gift The CD's arrived today.  They look great.  You will be pleased with your graphic's work.  It looks "real professional".  I was on WKOK today with two member's of MACC and we were promoting the concert.  I was asked where we did the recording and I plugged Green Valley Recording of Hughesville.  This is really a nice product.  Ken and Deb haven't see it yet but I know they will be pleased.  Thanks so much for your expertise, input, suggestions, and most of all your friendship.  Talk to you soon.    Bob Bob Gift,
Paxtonville, PA
Lykens Valley Bluegrass Band Our [tracks] sound really good... I can hardly wait to do the next one. Thank you both for being such great people to know.  Ron Etzweiler,
Millersburg, PA
Lykens Valley Bluegrass Band I think I told you already, but I'll say it again...That little trick on "Dear Old Dixie" was genius! You have more moves than Ex-lax! Jason Etzweiler,
Millersburg, PA
Lester Hirsh ...you are a true artiste...the ear of a musician; your skills beyond the board and computer are just superb. Lester Hirsh, Concord, NH
The Fame We all had a great time ... You run a tight studio. We had nothing but good things to say as we drove home. We were trying to remember the name of the software program you run. What is it again? I want to look it up. Ryan Daniels,
New York City, NY
Remington Ryde
I got the CD's, they look great and they sound excellent !!  I am going to send you your copy. We are booked solid all of this year and in 2008 We currently have jobs in New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and we got some of the biggest Bluegrass festivals in PA. It is really starting to take off. 
 I believe this album is great and ranks up there with some of the artists making a living at bluegrass. I bought worse Bluegrass albums by big name artists than this CD. I'm very pleased. Alright I will keep in touch.  Thanks again for everything.
Ryan Frankhouser,
McClure, PA
Remington Ryde

Sure enjoyed working with you on Sat.  It is a pleasure working with someone so talented in their field.   I believe you are going to help us sound better than we deserve.  Thanks for all you do.

Billy Lee Cox
Norristown, PA
Billy Dee and Rosie
"...we love the new CD, and so does everyone who hears it. We think you do just great work. And fast too. Thanks again".
Bill and Roseanne 
Shamokin, PA
Dave Stroop I really enjoyed working with you. Dave Stroop
Fishers, In
Shelby Nestler It was great working with you Richard.  I'm sure your patience was tested on a regular basis when we were there.  The final product is a good one... Thanks for all of your support and advice during this project...And my thanks also to Alison for the harmony vocals on "Just a Closer Walk With Thee". Shelby Nestler,
Halifax, PA
Lonesomekings Richard- Got the CD on Friday, and it sounds excellent! Thanks very much. Greg Lowe,
Harrisburg, PA
Carol Lindsay Thanks for all your help... you made the project a very enjoyable one. There will be more...I look forward to seeing you and Alison again and being in your great space. Carol Carol Lindsay,
State College, PA
KJ So nice working with you again! Let's do it again soon. Your graphics work is wonderful! KJ Wagner,
Lewisburg, PA
Callanish Thanks for another fun session yesterday- we've all had so much fun and had no idea it would be this enjoyable. You're the best. Patty Lambert,
State College, PA
Callanish I'm looking forward to being at your beautiful place once again. Peter Shaw,
State College, PA
Joel Vincent
You're always a patient diplomat, with an ability to express your concerns in a way that doesn't offend or make someone feel inferior or unable. It also helps that you're always funny in a heady/punful way !!
Joel Vincent,
Williamsport, PA
Big Chum Louie Hello, Richard !
Mike Fuller here. Just wanted to drop you a line and say that we
appreciated all that you did for the band last weekend.
Your professionalism and kindness were greatly appreciated. Nice facility and Just like you said, great spring water!
Mike Fuller,
Harrisburg, PA
Cole Where to start.  Thanks Richard for being who you are.  Your help has brought to life a great song... WOW!  A lot of positive things have happened since I saw you last.  Dan and I had my internet live show for my fans around the world.  It just so happened that Sony, Sci-Fi, Capitol records were also listening in and Scott Phillips the drummer from Creed honored me with his time.  Kinda cool!  The Record companies have spoken with Don,  and they now wish for me to do a private show for them and if at all they want me to sell  them a couple originals that are on our first demo with you. You played some unbelievable guitar licks on the songs we just did.  You are the man.  Patrick Cole,
Mansfield, PA
Given Jerad (with and A) from GIVEN here, just wanted to say thanks for last Sunday. great experience working with you and I'm really looking forward to many more sessions. Material sounds great even for scratch track. Jerad Bitner,
Williamsport, PA
Firstborn I now know what a pro you really are (of course, I knew that before) -- you make navigating through the software look so easy! Cindy Person,
Williamsport, PA
Amy Peck

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. You were so patient, and so much fun! Thank you for all of the hard work and energy that you put into your job. You greatly contributed in making this project, and this experience amazing!

Amy Peck,
Williamsport, PA
Hannah Ward
Thank you very much for this evening. Everything sounds very good and I am very happy with it. I couldn't be happier. If I want to make anything else, I will keep you in mind!
Hannah Ward,
Montoursville, PA
Glenn Rightmire I was supremely impressed with your recording facility and your skills during my visit last week. I hope that the opportunity will ensue for me to have some quality recording done there.  Additionally, Miss Alison has a voice that had to be delivered FedEx from Heaven. It was a beautiful experience to listen to her sing harmony on the recording.  Glenn Glenn Rightmire,
Williamsport, PA
Gary Stoner ...now that I've worked with you, your input and experience in the music business helps me "see" my songs in a better light. Gary Stoner,
Northumberland, PA
Cindy Peck What an awesome experience it has been to spend time with you in your recording studio. It was such a privilege and a blessing to have Amy work with someone who is not only talented and excellent at his work, but who does his work with kindness, fairness and an abundance of patience, not to mention your ever present uplifting sense of humor.   Cindy Peck,
 Williamsport, PA

The recording sounds great!!

Ric DelNero,
Bloomsburg, PA
Jason Hagen ...had a great session yesterday - I love the sound we're getting. Funny how your own clients tell you to raise your rates-- where else in the world?
thanks, J
Jason Hagen,
New York City, NY
Keith Cole Richard , thanks for the vocal work in the studio. As always you made me comfortable enough to do my best. Keith Cole, 
Williamsport, PA
The Juniata Valley Chorus Richard Rupert- Your many helpful suggestions, great patience and wonderful sense of humor kept us going. Your expertise was invaluable in making this CD a reality. Dave Gingrich,
Thompsontown, PA
My Book Your Sandwich (Green Valley Recording)...they make our album sound hot... quote from website
Kay Lynn, Rodney Lee Thanks so much for all your help on both albums! Kay Lynn,
Hughesville, PA
Travis Ramin I'm really happy with the material you recorded for me, and the CD you mastered. We went to Japan again this fall and also Norway, which was very cool! Travis Ramin,
Minneapolis, MN
Joe Agoglia Thanks for making my session so productive and comfortable! Joe Agoglia,
Lewisburg, PA
Forgiven One Thanks for all of your help with our music, man. I really appreciate it a lot. Your sound is sick!! Dan Fitzgerald,
Lewisburg, PA
Bob Gandy

Thanks Richard, was great to come there and work with you, very relaxed atmosphere and I refuse to record anywhere but with you at Green Valley! You ARE THE MAN. Thanks buddy!  I value your opinions and your advise very much. I asked you because you are a "pro" and I know if you tell me this or that needs changed, then it is the truth, and I thank you for that. I will apply the changes you told me about and if you think they are ready to be recorded and so-forth, I would like to come up and have your talent and knowledge put to work on my cd. Thanks again, Bobby

Bob Gandy,
Ramble U.S.A.
The Juniata Valley Chorus
Hi Richard,
It was quite a surprise when I also received a plaque.  I didn't expect one but it was a very nice gesture on Disc Makers part.  I am impressed with the quality and speed with which they work!!  I am pleased with the finished product and would recommend you and Disc Makers-a great combination.  I will send you a CD and will pass on your greetings to the chorus.  I hope things slow down a bit for you and that you can enjoy the warm spring weather we are bound to get any day now?!  We have about 150 CDs out in bookstores, chorus members, churches, etc.  and have  had compliments on the graphics and the music.  And I hope we can stay in touch even though this project is completed.  Thanks again for everything!  Say hello to Alison and if we get up that way it would be fun to have eggs and scrapple at Butler's.  Blessings, Dave
Dave Gingrich,
Thompsontown, PA

The Alison Wonderband

I wouldn't record ANYWHERE else! But then, THAT would be silly  : > )

Richard Rupert,
Hughesville, PA
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